The emotional aspect of the UFE tends to be high. On top of pressure felt from various personal and professional sources, the competitive nature of most CA students results in them putting a lot of pressure on themselves which often means that the stress level of many students get out of control as the UFE approaches.

That’s not to say you should take this exam lightly or slack off but many people need to take it easy a little more. It could mean the difference between a success and a failure and I’d argue that for many people it means exactly that. I think by now we’ve all seen the stress take students down.

Here’s a few suggestions of things that helped me manage the stress. For some more ideas you can always go here.

  • Social Activity – We’re social creatures so get out, have fun and try to get some laughs in which is another stress reducer. It’ll also help you live longer!
  • Exercise – In between SOA and finishing UFE I gained more pounds than I want to admit to, this was a big mistake. Exercise is good for your body and brain and will help you through this tough time. Get out there are do some good exercise!
  • Time Management – I find having a solid and flexible schedule reduces my stress level. I like to be in control and nothing increases my stress more than being disorganized or not having enough time. This is one of the reasons I believe it’s worth spending time thinking carefully about your study schedule.
  • Pets/Kids – If you’ve got pets of children, take them out for a walk and play with them.
My summer during the UFE was one of the best summers I have had so it’s possible to study for the UFE and have a great time.

What’s your favourite way to manage stress?


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