Today we have a brief question and answer session based on some of the questions received here that might help everybody.

Our first question, related to the article about UFE Study Schedules, is what kind of daily study schedule should be followed during your UFE study period.

My Thoughts:
Generally, avoid studying past 5pm and in the final four weeks focus on writing cases and study the technical from the cases. Your schedule might be something like the following:
  • 9am to 11amWrite and mark a case with your study group, this might be shorter depending on the case your write
  • 11am to 1pm – Do your debrief of that case
  • 1 to 2Take lunch, this gets your lunch closer to the routine of the UFE days, not a big deal but every bit helps
  • 2 to 4pmWrite and mark a second case
  • 4pm to 6pm – Do the debrief of your second case
So you’ll see I put in 6pm there but that assumes that you’ve written two 90 minute cases that day which is worst case scenario. Your marking should take 30 minutes or so and you’d just go do the debrief after. You’ll also find the the more cases your write and debrief, the better you get and the faster the whole process moves so by UFE day you’ll probably be debriefing less mistakes and could be done even sooner. This is of course a rough estimate, individual results will vary but in general avoid finishing past 5pm.

Our second question, related to setting up a UFE study schedule, is what is a confidence booster multi?

My Response:

It’s important to go into the UFE confident and feeling good since it is already stressful enough. One of the ways to avoid shaking your confidence is to avoid writing a case close to the exam where you score really badly. To do that, many students will write these confidence builder cases instead of a new case. It consists of REWRITING a case you have previously written and done well on. So take two cases which you wrote during your study period and scored very well on and write them again like new and mark/debrief as you normally would. You’ll avoid the risk of writing a really bad case right before the UFE and still keep your writing and case writing skills sharp for the last few days.

Last question today, related to the UFE Report, is where can I get the UFE report if I haven’t started work yet?

My Response:
The UFE Reports are available to CA students through your provincial institutes portal site. Once you are registered as a student you can usually login and find it in there somewhere. They are usually released in May of every year. You may be able to get copies from your soon to be employer who might have a copies they can distribute.
If you cannot obtain them through these means and cannot wait, the UFE Reports are also available for purchase from the CICA at the following link:  http://www.castore.ca/product/uniform-evaluation-report-2011/1439
As always, feel free to post questions in the comments or e-mail me directly.

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