Preparing for the Worst – A UFE DRP

As mention earlier in the week, today most people should start their UFE wind down period by rewriting one previously written Multi that they did well on. This keeps your skills fresh and your confidence high. Take the afternoon off and do something relaxing. Get a good sleep.

Although it might sound like it from the title, this is not a post about what to do if you fail the UFE.

I would like you today to take a few minutes and think about a few scenarios. I want you to develop an action plan in your head of what you will do if this happens to you. The reason I suggest this is because it always seems to happen to a small minority, and rather than going into a panic, if you have an action plan in mind you will probably react more calmly and avoid a mid-UFE meltdown. Don’t let these scenarios stress you out, they are all manageable. Think of this as a UFE Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Scenario 1: Your computer melts down and you’ve got to start writing by hand.

This seems to happen to a handful of people each year. For some reason SecureExam or your computer will die and you won’t have access to it either at the start, middle or near the end of one of your writing days. This may be different now a days but I suspect the policy continues to be that you will have to write, on paper, the old fashioned way, some part of your UFE.

Think about this scenario, picture it happening to you, and create a plan in your hand of how you’ll stay calm and continue to finish the UFE. Think about how you’ll proceed if it’s in the middle of your comp or in the middle of a multi.

Scenario 2: Something in the environment is driving you crazy.

I’ve heard many years that the location where Toronto candidates took their CKE was abnormally cold. Other possibilities are that a fellow candidate is driving you nuts (chewing loudly, emitting some kind of strange noises, smelling badly, or you never know what else). These will be a few tense days and people may not realize they are being obnoxious and you might be more aware of these things under stress. Think about how you’ll stay focused. Bring some ear plugs just in case. Wear layers so you can adjust to temperature just in case.

Scenario 3: You see something on the exam and have a complete blank.

This is of course a likely scenario for many people. Every year there is probably something on the exam that makes a lot of people scratch their heads. The key is keeping your composure and remembering that it likely only hits one competency and there is still other things you can do well on. Think about how you’ll handle this situation calmly and stick to your training that you’ve been practicing the last month or longer. Changing your entire strategy mid-UFE is a recipe for disaster.

These are just three scenarios I think you should be ready for. What other scenarios do you think are possible and you should be ready for? Comment us!

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