What happens with your UFE response now?

So you’ve made it through the UFE. What happens between now and December with your paper?

All the simulations from around Canada (and Bermuda) are sent to the marking centre which is in Montreal. Somewhere from 150-200 (171 last year) markers are gathered at the Evaluation Centre to review and mark the responses. Markers are selected based on “marking experience, motivation, academic achievement, work experience, personal references, and regional representation.” (2011 UFE Report, p. 16)

Before live marking begins, the following occurs:

  • Board members, leaders and assistant leaders attend a five-day training session and meeting to review the evaluation guides, review select responses and make revisions to the evaluation guides.
  • Phase 1: markers get familiarized with the evaluation guides on actual responses and then collectively review the results. This phase is intended to make sure all markers are very familiar with the issues in the simulation.
  • Phase 2: markers perform an extended test marking of another set of responses to establish congruence.
Live marking now begins.

The simulations are marked by English-speaking and French-speaking teams in mid-late October. Each simulation is assigned marking teams between 16 and 18 people (in 2011). Lastly, for simulations that are considered “borderline” the marking is performed in late October.

During the marking process, statistics are maintained of each markers assignments and leaders and assistant leaders perform cross marking and monitoring. This is all intended to ensure that responses are marked fairly, consistently and with a high level of quality.

Each response is marked independently by two markers. If there is a discrepancy, a leader or assistant leader performs another marking to determine the final result.

Based on the results of Level 1 and 2, for borderline responses, leaders and assistant leaders mark for secondary indicators at that point for Level 3.


I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a pretty rigorous process to me so you can rest confident that you’re exam will get a fair look and is in capable hands.



  1. I was tempted for a little while to try becoming a UFE marker, but alas life intervened.

  2. I wonder how much they get paid…

  3. The catch of course is that if you’re gainfully employed you may have to cash in a precious week of vacation time, unless your firm is unusually generous

  4. Wow, that’s a lot. Maybe I’ll offer to mark them next year. Do you know what the qualifications are to be a marker? Do you just have to pass the exam?

    I didn’t click on that link but sorry if the info is in there!

    • You have to be an already qualified CA and then they state that “The criteria for selection included marking experience, motivation, academic achievement, work experience, personal references, and regional representation.” so if it’s something you would like to do one day, you should be looking to find marking experience after you complete the UFE to better your chances.

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