Do I have to remember everything from University in order to write the UFE?

The answer is to some extent yes, and to some extent no.

Yes – many of the University topics you would have learned for accounting are in some way covered by the UFE. You can see the specific topic coverage in the UFE competency map (This version is for the 2012 UFE but a new one will be out soon and should be similar).

 No – In University you would have likely learned them in far more detail than is covered in the UFE. Your responses in University would have also likely had to be to a higher degree of accuracy than they are on the UFE. 

If you are writing in 2013, you’ve got almost a year now to get yourself ready for the UFE. Step 1 is to review technical and give yourself a solid technical base because come next summer your entire focus will be on learning to write and debrief simulations and perfect your ability to write a solid response to a business case.

I’ll tell you right now: the number one fear of UFE writers is that they are not technically sound. This feeling seems to persist even up to the UFE and many students spend too much time on technical close to the UFE and not enough time writing simulations and debriefing them properly.

I’ll be working on some technical guides as we lead up to the CKE and next summer so keep coming back as we continue our march to the 2013 UFE.

What do previous writers think? How much technical from University did you need and to what extent?

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