UFE 2012 Results November 30 – Let's hear some opinions

With the UFE results now less than a month away I’ve no doubt that it’ll begin to weigh heavily on a lot of minds as the days tick by. This is normal and unfortunately part of the process.

Over a month has passed since your wrote, your papers are now marked and the Board of Evaluators is probably reviewing the overall results and making a lot of decisions. I hope this time has allowed you to have some “sober second thought” about your performance and I’m putting up a little opinion section below where you can share your thoughts on UFE 2012 if you want. One of the things candidates are most frequently looking for on here is other people’s opinions about UFE 2012 so here’s your chance to share and lend support for those that would like to. Vote below and then join us on the Facebook group for more discussion throughout November leading up to the results. Hang in there, almost through it.

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