Congratulations to Quebec students UFE 2012 – Félicitations aux étudiants du Québec – L’EFU DE 2012

As many know, Quebec students are the first to see their individual results at 7pm while the rest of us have to endure another night.

My warm congratulations to students in Quebec receiving positive UFE results tonight. Félicitations! You’ve conquered a world class exam and you deserve to celebrate so I hope you’ll let loose and enjoy tonight! Well earned.

To those receiving not so good results, I’m very sorry. This is a tough exam and this happens for many. Take the weekend to forget about the UFE, after the past year or longer of a UFE-centric life you need a break. Myself and Kayla will be providing more advice in the coming weeks so check back once you’re ready to decide your next moves.

Access Your Results – Those unsure of how to get their results in QUEBEC (Quebec only tonight!) check this link.

Félicitations encore! Congratulations again!


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