2012 UFE Results Breakdown

Congratulations again to all those successful today. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 2012 UFE results. I did this quickly so it may have some errors (feel free to point them out) but I think it’s accurate.

Total Successful Candidates in 2012: 3077 – vs. 2,857 in 2011 (8% increase) CICA Press Release

Successful in CASB (West): 1,007 (33%)
Successful in Ontario: 1,279 (42%)
Successful in Quebec: 642 (21%)
Successful in Atlantic Canada: 149 (5%) (I think this includes Bermuda too!)

Congraulations to the 59 candidates which made the honour roll this year! Full List Here

NATIONAL Gold Medallist: JOSHUA HUFF, KPMG LLP, Waterloo – Wilfrid Laurier University, BBA, 2011

Western Canada Gold Medallists: PAULA OVERGUARD, PwC LLP, Calgary AND IVAN WONG, KPMG LLP, Vancouver (There was a tie!)

Quebec Gold Medallist: JONATHAN DUBUC, Chiasson Gauvreau Inc.

Atlantic Canada Gold Medallist: LAUREN K. MCQUAID, BDO Canada LLP.

The Big Four accounting firms top the honour roll again this year.

PwC: 14 candidates (24%)
KPMG: 11 candidates (18%)
E&Y: 10 candidates (17%)
Deloitte: 7 candidates (12%)
Other: 17 candidates (29%)

I’ve only dug up school information for Ontario right now. University of Toronto and Waterloo had a good showing this year with 6 and 5 candidates from those schools making the honour roll this year.

Below you’ll find my attempt at a rather pathetic infographic that only an accountant without any art talent could make. You should share this masterpiece. Feel free to make fun!

UFE2012 Results Infograph

UFE2012 Results Infographic

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