Congratulations! 2012 UFE Results now available

As of noon today the 2012 UFE Results for all of Canada and Bermuda are now available. Congratulations to writers all across the country who are receiving good news today.

Results for the CASB Program (West Canada)

Results for ONTARIO

Results for QUEBEC

Results for EAST Canada
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

You’ve completed four years of business study and then worked very hard for the past year or two, on building your knowledge and skills in a masters level training program in order to challenge this national three day exam which is considered among the most difficult in the world.

I’m glad everybody makes a big deal about this because you deserve to be celebrated.¬†Congratulations!


  1. How come the link to the 2012 UFE results is not available anymore? looks like CPA Canada deactivated the 2012 results

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