Writing your first SOA simulations

We’re coming up to the end of February now so it’s a good time to start thinking about the SOA and UFE again.

For those in Ontario, you’ll start writing your first SOA cases soon which was something I was looking forward to after multiple-choice overload with CKE.

Writing CKE again in May?

Don’t stress out about it! The case writing workload shouldn’t be too intensive so I recommend you do everything below. I know it’ll be very tempting to go super-hard CKE for March and April but remember to not burn yourself out (this is when you hit the point of not being to look at another exam without feeling ill). Learning something new with SOA cases might be a good opportunity to still learn but change it up.

I’m going to stick to my previous advice about CKE – but, work more on managing stress and getting a solid understanding vs. just memorizing stuff. You should be able to explain somebody an accounting rule and usually why it is that way.

For All Writing (or Rewriting) the SOA

Mid-Late February is a great time to start planning a reasonable schedule for SOA case writing. With apologies to non-Ontarians, I’ll be covering a lot of SOA stuff in the next few months on top of UFE stuff. I’ve said before that you shouldn’t go too hard until April but for those who want to learn the basics now (and some of the courses out there are giving introductions) we’ll start covering this.

Things you might learn in Late-February and March:

  • Understanding how the SOA exam works and how SOA (the school part) works
  • Learning how to write a multi and comp simulation (this is a big topic!). Don’t expect your cases to be any good.
  • How to use the CICA Handbook to help yourself
  • Keep brushing up on topics where you’re technically week (Tax, anyone?)

We’ll cover these topics soon here.

First thing’s first, I always think it’s wise to plan ahead. You don’t have to strictly adhere to it but having a goal of when and how much you’ll do is a great start. I recommend you schedule a little bit of time on one or two weekends in February and March to do a simulation.

Lastly, if you’re overwhelmed with other work right now, this is something you can wait on. Bookmark and comeback to it in March or April.


  1. Thanks for providing information about the SOA. I know that this a national blog but since majority of the UFE writers are Ontarions its good to have info about the SOA.

    • We do have a lot of writers from Ontario and it’s the program I know best so we’ll have full coverage 🙂 For those outside of Ontario, we will continue to have plenty of UFE topics with a summary post after SOA for Ontario.

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