What are all these things I'm supposed to download for SOA?

Today, for Ontario writers doing the SOA.

You might be a bit overwhelmed by all these files you have to download just for a single SOA case. Here’s briefly what they are and how to use them.

Board of Evaluators Comments: This is the comments from the BoE on the performance of each indicator of each simulation. This will tell you in more detail what kind stuff the ‘stronger’ responses possessed. Useful but not mission critical. I never read through these.

SOA Exam (SOA1 – 3 + Final): These are your exam papers, you’ll use these to write your practice simulations. Each file may have more than one simulation so be sure to separate each one.

SOA Eval Guides: This is just a scoring sheet with a one sentence summary of what each indicator was. This will tell you what the indicator was in each case, briefly.

SOA Solutions: This is the solution for each simulation. You’ll use this in conjunction with the Eval Guides to determine your performance (this can be tough). Note: You are not expected to write simulations which will be at the same level as the solution. Your writing will be a lot more point-form/straight forward and won’t have the same sentence format. We’ll have some examples up for you closer to SOA.

Summary of Performance: This is a summary of how candidates performed on the simulations. Specifically, the percentage of candidates who made it into each category per competency. Each of the SOA 1-3 + Final were marked the the ICAO. Keep in mind that SOA 1 is written before SOA and that candidates progressively improve through to the final. So don’t expect to score the same today as candidates who wrote the final since by then you’ll have many more simulations behind you.

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