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Writing the CKE in May

For many Ontario candidates, the January CKE sitting may not have been a successful one. For many, May could also be the first time you’re writing as well. For both sets of candidates, the CKE which takes place May 6, 2013 is bound to be another bout of stress on your way through this UFE program. Chances are, many of you have been spending a lot of time at work the last few months as well so you’re not exactly feeling at your best.

While we can’t fix everything around here, here are some thoughts on writing the May CKE.

Is it easier than the January CKE?

A lot of people claim that because fewer people write it, and because theoretically some of the candidates are weaker ones because they didn’t succeed the first time around, the May sitting is marked less stringently and therefore easier.

I’ll say that there is no way to know for sure since pass rates are not released, but I’m not convinced.

The CKE is marked, and takes into consideration, the current cohort as well as past cohorts of writers on same/similar questions. I don’t see any reason why one sitting should be marked any different than another just because fewer people write. Given that pass rates aren’t released, arguing about this is sort of a pointless exercise and it doesn’t really matter anyhow. The point of bringing this up, is that successful candidates on the second writing should not feel inferior, everybody passed an often difficult hurdle in the process.

The May sitting means that your technical is more recent

Whether we like it or not, chances are that after four or five months since the January sitting of the CKE, all the technical you studied does begin to rust. I know that this was certainly the case for me. If you’ve been too busy or just haven’t bothered to maintain or study more technical since January you’re in the same boat with a lot of students.

If you’re writing the CKE in May, chances are you have been studying (or will be cramming real soon) and this stuff will be fresh. This should give you confidence going into SOA soon.

Study Strategy and Schedule

April is the key month for CKE studying. I’m not a believer that you need to go too much crazier for the second sitting so I think you should just stick to a similar schedule as for the January sitting. This meant studying technical for some of March and April and finishing up the last two weeks prior to the writing with practice exams.

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Stay confident 

All these things are often a matter of confidence more than knowledge. Don’t let the pressure get to you. If you’re doing this a second time, worry not, many (many!) have done it before you and come out successful with everything else. I’ve always thought the CKE was more difficult than the other two so don’t let the speed bump slow you down too much.


Want to know something else? Leave a comment and myself or the community here can help you out! Good luck in this final month!

Globe and Mail / La Presse 2012 UFE / EFU Articles (finally!)

Finally found a link to the Globe and Mail and La Presse articles thanks to the Quebec CPAs.

Not sure if the CICA decided to go low-key this year or if this is just the incomplete article but seems that the Globe and Mail was just the list of names. Given all the controversy around the CA/CPA thing I’m not surprised but it’s too bad candidates didn’t get quite the showiness as in previous years. I never saw the article in the actual newspaper so if this link is just the incomplete article then you may disregard what I said there 🙂 In any event, neither the CICA or ICAO are making this easy to find this year, which is too bad.

Here is a link to the Globe and Mail article as well as the La Presse article (in French, of course.)

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