Globe and Mail / La Presse 2012 UFE / EFU Articles (finally!)

Finally found a link to the Globe and Mail and La Presse articles thanks to the Quebec CPAs.

Not sure if the CICA decided to go low-key this year or if this is just the incomplete article but seems that the Globe and Mail was just the list of names. Given all the controversy around the CA/CPA thing I’m not surprised but it’s too bad candidates didn’t get quite the showiness as in previous years. I never saw the article in the actual newspaper so if this link is just the incomplete article then you may disregard what I said there šŸ™‚ In any event, neither the CICA or ICAO are making this easy to find this year, which is too bad.

Here is a link to the Globe and Mail article as well as the La Presse article (in French, of course.)

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  1. oh thanks for putting it up! I was waiting for the online version.

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