Good time to review your UFE plan

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, it’s been busy on my end and looking now I see it’s been a long time – too long. So let’s get back on track as everyone starts getting their head into the UFE.

This seems as good a time as any to review where you are in terms of getting ready for the UFE. Previously, I’ve discussed a UFE schedule and we got some great comments from past students on what worked for them in their respective provinces. I do recommend you check the previous articles out, and as you’ll see, April is a great time to start reviewing to how-tos of writing a case. In Ontario, you’ll be introduced to the case writing approach if you take one of the big UFE prep courses.

Speaking of which, this is a good time to go through what’s available out there.

  1. Densmore Consulting Services offers the Densmore Prep Program. I took this program for SOA and UFE prep and it offers an excellent introduction to case writing as well as the emotional aspect of writing these exams. ($1,680 and up). Densmore has also added online versions of the course which start at $1,000 and up for those that can’t make it to the big cities.

  2. Professional Accounting Supplementary School (PASS). I took this course for CKE but not for SOA or UFE so I can tell you that Mr. Walfish has strong technical and offers a good course. ($1,675 for the comprehensive UFE course). Like Densmore, PASS has begun to offer and online version of their course which is available for $595.

  3. In Ontario, the ICAO offers the UFE Finalist Preparation Program from Mr. Norgrove. I have no personal knowledge of how these courses are. More information about this course will be offered in the summer.

For those looking for further alternatives, a number of newer courses and programs have sprung up in the past few years which look promising.

  1. ExaMENTOR has been around for a number of years now offers a number of UFE related services including workshops on topics such as debriefing and critical-reading, marking services and coaching services. They’re also in some more locations than you might find the other programs. For those looking for a more individual experience, exaMENTOR may be worth trying. Prices start at $600 (including HST in this case).

  2. CPA Formula is a new online training program which offers a mix of video lessons, some case marking and virtual/in-person tutoring. CPA Formula will cost you about $997.

(Full disclosure: exaMENTOR advertises with UFE Blog) 

So what’s best for you?

Wish I could tell you! You’ll have to go through what each program offers and decide which one will work best for your situation. I do recommend you have some support though, even if it’s just strictly marking support from a professional marker. I’ve known people who have passed the UFE first try with just a little marking support but for more I still recommend a course, especially if you haven’t done a lot of case writing in the past.

Happy deciding 🙂

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with examentor and if so, how were the workshops and the marker feedback?

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