Don’t fall into the time trap

Time management is one of the most critical skills to master for both SOA and the UFE.

When writing individual cases, as you will most of the time, it’s a little easier to keep time and hopefully you are disciplined enough to cut yourself off after the time has passed. When writing the real thing, and you have three multis in one sitting it can be very tempting to go over your time on an individual case.

I’ve fallen into this pitfall and occasionally gone over a few minutes but I’m going to give everyone the advice that you should avoid this at all costs.

Each simulation is specifically designed to be written in 60 – 90 minutes – whatever the sheet tells you.  This is forced to make you rank and if you don’t rank properly this is indeed a true time trap. If you spend more time on one case, you’re just stealing from yourself in another and that could be the one with an indicator that you need in order to succeed. Sure, maybe you’ll nail all the PMR indicators in simulation #1 and get an HC (when you only need a C) but it might be simulation #3 where you have all the assurance indicators. If you take 5 or 10 minutes extra on one case or two you could have a deficit of 10 or 20 minutes for simulation #3. If that’s a 60 minute simulation, you’re in trouble.

Always remember that the time limit is there to force you to rank and the marking guide is setup so that you are given fair marks based on the time allotted for the exam. If you do too much it’s only taking away from your other marks while not adding much.

So, don’t do it, don’t go overtime!

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