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As SOA begins to wrap up slowly it’s important to start watching for signs of burnout or too much stress in your life. SOA, almost by definition, is a stressful time that will take a lot out of people and it’s tempting to just try to get through another week at the same pace as before.

I never like to operate using definitive rules on UFE Blog and I think CA candidates have good judgments to ‘know thyself’ and do what’s best for you but in my experience, going overboard and not watching for burnout are common occurrences during the final week of SOA.

For the final exam you want to be in the Peak Performance sweet-spot. Going overboard on studying to the point where you just can’t stand to look at another case or read another handbook section might be considered going overboard and there’s a real chance your performance will suffer due to the added stress.

This might be the week to ease up a little and take extra care of yourself. Medidate, do Yoga, get some exercise, whatever it takes to keep your stress managed and the good kind of stress. Here’s some more tips we’ve shared in the past. My favourite has always been to do a lot of laughing – watch funny stuff on TV or just be around people where you’re laughing a lot. I was lucky I had good study partners and friends at SOA which made it easy.

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