Ontario’s School of Accounting SOA Results

Congratulations to the candidates today that received good news and successfully completed Ontario’s School of Accountancy (SOA)!

See the SOA Results Here!

Another milestone behind you now and you certainly should use the weekend to celebrate. The next eight weeks will be busy with UFE prep courses right around the corner and then the all important August study period leading up to the UFE. I’ve got a lot of content that I’ll try to bring to the site to keep you guys company and help you manage the process – you’re almost there!

Enjoy your weekends and congratulations again!

To those that received bad news today

Today sucks. I’m sorry that today sucks for you. I’ve known many people that got stopped in the process at each of the points and I know that it can really demotivate you. While there are no easy cures I really encourage everyone to take the weekend off, find a way to let it go and move on quickly. You’ll have another opportunity next year. There will be plenty of time to analyze what went wrong, find a way to solve it and give it a go again. Sorry again.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It’s been quiet on the blog the past few weeks, partly so you’d take a break and not be drawn to UFE-related stuff, and partly to give me a break, too 🙂

Now we’re back, and I know you’re out there, thinking about the SOA results that are going to be released tomorrow at 10am. The time after SOA is a strange feeling since many people are able to forget about it pretty quick but the days leading up to it can start to bring that unpleasant feeling back. Hopefully, many of you are enjoying tonight in a positive way – cheers and best of luck tomorrow.

That said, tomorrow is an important day. I’ll be around to cheer for you guys.


The 2013 School of Accountancy SOA Results can be found here at 10 AM Friday, July 19.


  1. Hi Ufeblogger,

    What are the major differences between UFE and SOA and what adjustments are needed to be made?

    Thanks, love the blog

    • Hey – thanks for the kind words!

      There are major differences. Hang tight, I’m writing up some stuff that will talk about exactly your question. Look for a few posts throughout the week which I hope will answer all your questions 🙂

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