Planning your simulation schedule

As mentioned previously, I’m a fan of tackling your weaknesses right away. I’ve said that a great way to do this is to pile on simulations which make you face your weaknesses at the beginning, then by the end of your study period you’ll (hopefully) be a pro. If you’ve been doing below average on PMR issues, I would make sure each of my cases in the first week had a PMR issue. If it’s Tax and PMR where you lag, try to do only cases with both of these right from the start. If you’re worried about running out, perhaps leave a few behind for the end but for issues like PMR and Assurance there are so many that it won’t be an issue.

To make this easier for you guys, you can find this Excel Download which tells you all the competencies tested in each case. You can use the filter to pick and choose cases that will meet your personal requirements. One ‘x’ indicates it’s tested once in that simulation and two ‘xx’ means it’s tested twice.

UFE Competencies Tested By Exam 2013. Enjoy!

* Sorry – A wrong (older) file was posted originally and WordPress has been missing posting on schedule for some reason lately. Time to review internal controls…


  1. Thank you! This is so helpful– must’ve taken you a long time to do. I’ve been following your blog for a year now, I appreciate everything you’ve done/wrote about!

  2. Hi,
    I got a quesiton about the PQ indicator in UFE. I found it quite different from SOA since it could be a completely separated indicator that is not directed. Do you have some suggetion on this? I usually either fail to indentify it or write something that is not even mentioned in debrief report..

    • Yes – there are no more “did you write a good case overall” PQs on the UFE.

      PQ are hard on the UFE and the majority of people will not start to catch them until they’ve had plenty of practice which is usually in their final week or two. Don’t worry too much about it right now.

      As for suggestions…

      1. If there is something glaring, like fraud, sketchy people and really obvious stuff, ALWAYS point it out and offer recommendations.
      2. For the rest, I suggest taking 3-5 minutes on each case to think about the “big picture” (aka look for a PQ) given the case situation and jot down a quick paragraph on what you think could be a PQ issue. This is sort of a stab in the dark, but the idea is that getting yourself to step back and think about some overall big issue will train you to look for these things. Think about motivations in the case, what people want to accomplish (profitability, selling a business?) and what actions are occurring in the story of the case and then see if there’s anything overall worth pointing out.

      And chances are… you still might miss it. PQs are hard and many candidates will continue to be weak, even when writing the UFE. The good news is that you can pass even without id’ing all of them.

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