A quick note about the Sample Solutions

Just a quick note today: You’re not expected to write anything near the UFE Report solutions on the UFE.

Another one: You’re probably not going to write anything near the Sample Solution, either.

This is one of the reasons it’s important to work with a study partner or group. You want to see what other real people are writing in the given amount of time.

The solutions there are to give you a thorough, readable way to mark your response.

The sample solutions are there to give you an example of a perfect, or near perfect response from an honour roll level writer. Most candidates fall a ways behind these pros.

How to use these things

Use the solution, along with a marking guide if you have it (marking guide: is a nice to have but is not necessary!) to mark your case but understand that your response will be much more direct and less wordy. The important thing is to hit the issues and use case facts to back them up in the discussion. This is where you can look at the sample solution to see how others.

Use the sample solution to improve your technique. This is a good example of how a pro writer tackles these issues quickly and effectively. You can learn some great techniques from the sample solutions.


  1. Is sample solution is a modified in any way. the way the sample is written seems like writer has all the knowledge and is not wrong anywhere.

    • Yeah, it does seem a little too good to be real!

      The UFE report says they are real responses so that’s all we have to go on. Note that the BOE has thousands of responses to choose from so it’s likely that one might be close to perfect for each case!

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