The time has come: UFE 2013 begins!

Your long journey, hard work and years of study are finally culminating in writing the UFE tomorrow.

Congratulations! You’re this years lucky bunch who have gotten yourselves here to this moment which few people get to participate in. The UFE is one of those shared journeys where you feel similar to everybody else in the room. It’s a unique experience and most CAs remember these moments well into the future.

You’re already champs in my book. Keep calm and know that somewhere along the way you’re going to say WTF to some of the stuff. That’s normal and most people have a few of those panic moments somewhere in the three days. Have confidence and write. When I wrote the UFE in 2010 it was all the ducks on the paper.

My last bits of advice: After each day, don’t talk about the UFE with anyone else that wrote it. There is little outside and much downside risk so it’s a bad decision. You could easily shake your confidence when you hear someone mention something you never even saw (this always happens!). So just don’t. Go home, go out but make it a rule not to listen or talk about the UFE until Thursday at 1pm. At least then, you can’t do any damage. Second, stick to your training and what you’ve been doing in the past month. Don’t choose a new approach because you got freaked out by something.

My sincere best wishes – good luck, friends!

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  1. Good luck to all the 2013 UFE writers!

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