UFE 2013 – Wednesday

Wow, you’re done 2/3 of the UFE. Hard to believe it’s almost over.

Remember, 1/3 is still left and this is still a significant chunk.

Tomorrow will be a hard day because you’re tired now and probably a little sick of writing so much. Certainly, the Thursday was my most difficult day. The 2010 UFE was heavy on procedures and I remember just being so sick of writing them on Thursday. They threw in some difficult tax stuff in Day 3 as well. I had imagined they might take it easy on us Day 3.

Get a great sleep tonight and push on tomorrow. It’s not over until tomorrow at 1pm. Don’t give up one bit until that time.

Good luck – you’re almost through it!


  1. Thank you for creating this blog! I’ve been visiting this after each UFE day to see what you have to say (: It really helped me continue to stay motivated!

    • Happy to hear it’s helping – hang in there – one more day and you will have some relief. Good news is that in a couple weeks you’ll probably forget all about the UFE until mid-November 🙂

      Best of luck tomorrow!

  2. I concur with Elaine, thanks for making this site. It’s been a great help reading your posts over the last month or so. I’ll probably come back after this UFE is over and the results are positive!!! One more day!

    • Thanks, Tom!

      For sure come back after the UFE – there’s a whole new flock of UFE 2014 writers already arriving and the more advice and points of view the better!

      And of course we’ll have coverage on results day for this year’s writers.

      Best of luck tomorrow!

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