2013 UFE Results Breakdown

Congratulations again to all those successful today. Here’s a quick (live) breakdown of the 2013 UFE results. I did this quickly so it may have some errors (feel free to point them out) but I think it’s accurate. As more information becomes available it will be updated.

Head here if you’re not sure where to find you results!

Total Successful Candidates in 2013: 3,032 (vs. 3,077 in 2012)

Successful in CASB (West): 1,077  (vs. 1,007 in 2012)
Successful in Ontario: 1,201 (vs. 1,279 in 2012)
Successful in Quebec: 617 (8 Honour Roll) (vs. 642 in 2012)
Successful in Atlantic Canada: … (vs. 149 in 2012)

  • New Brunswick: 34
  • Nova Scotia: 59
  • P.E.I.: 21

Medallists in 2013

NATIONAL Gold Medallist: George Nicholas Christian TSAI, Ernst & Young LLP, Toronto – University of Waterloo, Master of Accounting, 2013

Western Canada Gold Medallists: Ross Johnson, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP – Calgary (AB)

 Quebec Gold Medallist: Francis Corriveau-Sauvé, an HEC Montréal graduate and trainee at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Montreal

Atlantic Canada Gold Medallist: John Alexander and Liam Murphy placed on the 2013 CICA National Honour Roll, tying for first in Eastern Canada


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 A reminder: UFE Pass Rates are no longer published, only the number of candidates successful.


  1. A huge thank you for all of your fantastic posts – they really helped the whole study group get through!!!

    • And thank you for reading! The goal has always been to help as many candidates as I can – I’m glad to see you received a good result!

      Feel free to keep coming by to support the next generation of UFE writers who are always eager for advice! Celebrate tonight!

  2. Thank you! Owe it to you ufe blogger!

    • I’m sure you could have! In any case, very happy I could help! Cheers and have a great weekend – be sure to celebrate!

  3. Prince Edward Island had 21 successful writers!

  4. As a regular purveyor of your site over the last year, I just wanted to thank you for all of the advice and support which helped guide me through the 2013 UFE process.

    I ended up getting through on my first write so my time with this site is likely over, but thanks again for being the voice in my head that stopped me from freaking out mid-way through the UFE.

    -A future CPA,CA

    • Thanks a lot – the kind words are much appreciated!

      There’s always room to leave advice for future writers in the comments so feel free to stop by from time to time to help others not freak out. Best of luck in your career as a soon to be newly minted CPA, CA 🙂

      All the best!

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