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CKE, May edition and SOA around the corner

It has been entirely too long since I sat and updated things around here. Sorry about that – it’s been one heck of a busy few months for me. The good news is that I think most of the best content is already here so nothing is stopping you from having a look around and using it! Now back to business…

CKE, May edition

The CKE is right around the corner. For some this will be a nervous second (or third+) attempt and for others this will be their first go at it. Hopefully you’ve taken the advice offered here many times – study similar to what worked for you in University. With the CKE only a little more than a week away, I’d also suggest you stick pretty much to writing practice exams at this point, of which there are many available. Best of luck in this remaining week!

Assuming positive results after the May sitting, you needn’t worry about somehow being behind January writers. In fact, your technical will be fresher so you’re in a great position.

SOA around the corner

For the rest of the folks, you’ve no doubt been getting introduced to cases through your prep courses or on your own recently. We’ve talked about some loose schedules in the past and while it’s good to be getting more and more proficient with cases, you’ll really start picking it up during SOA in June (for Ontario). I know a lot of other provinces introduce/practice cases a lot more throughout their two year programs so it’s a little different.

Just a reminder, SOA can be tough for a lot of people. They will be long days and it’s easy to get burned out so the key in May for you is to enter June with your A-game. Don’t overdo it in May in anticipation of SOA. If you think about it, you’re writing 20+ cases in June, which will get you quite a bit of experience very quickly. The only cases that count though are the four taking place June 24-25 so always keep that in mind and plan accordingly.

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