Congraulations to May CKE Writers!

Many congratulations to the successful CKE writers who are receiving happy results today. And hey, it’s a long weekend so go out there and enjoy the air, the parties or whatever else makes you happy. Congrats!

You can view the results at the link below:

To those that aren’t receiving positive results today: I’m really sorry to hear you didn’t receive good news. Nothing can be done immediately so I suggest that you take the weekend and some time after to reflect and decide your next steps. It can no doubt be frustrating and I wish I had more consoling words for you. There are many paths to the same place and good decisions are made with a clear head which you may not have right away.


  1. Congrats to all writers. I was wondering if there were any prep courses available to sign up for now… Unfortunately I have not signed up for any as I was in full CKE prep mode but not that I know I am going to SOA I was wondering if there is anything still open at this point in time to sign up for

  2. Same question as Randall. Wondering if there’s some kind of crash course.

  3. True that totally need a prep course I have all the Norgrove material but I didn’t get through the CKE with his material it’s to exhaustive and over the top

  4. I just got my decile results and I passed however they weren’t what I was hoping for… how much should we read into the decile results?

    • Decile scores mean nothing,cases are completely different. I’ve done a few and I’m hitting RC even though my technical is pretty weak. Application of knowledge is different than the memorizing and regurgitate superficial learning for the CKE.

    • 2013 UFE Graduate

      While I agree with Terry that case writing is a completely different ball game, the CKE decile scores may indicate a weakness in your technical depending on the score. If it is an an area you already knew you were weak, it may be something you want to brush up on in more depth when doing some of your technical studying.

      While you are at the SOA, they will throw quite a bit of technical at you as well, which may also help you in your studies.

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