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Writing the UFE in 2014?

Today’s post is a sponsored guest post produced by CPA Formula

Writing the UFE in 2014?

Let’s face it- each writer has unique weaknesses. However, a common pitfall that most writers have is overestimating the importance of the technical material, while underestimating the significance of strategy or writing skills- both of which are more essential in passing.

How can I identify my unique weaknesses?

CPAFormula only hires professional UFE markers who you’ll work with on a one-on-one basis (for 10 one-on-one sessions) the entire time up until the UFE (which is 2 months worth of individual attention).

Each student is provided with a customized schedule based on their weaknesses along with an access to quick, easy to learn videos on specific topics within all 6 competency areas.

Furthermore, your uniquely assigned UFE marker (called a CA Trainer) will be available to answer short questions free of charge to students by phone, text, live-chat or e-mail throughout the whole process (and yes that includes those late night cram sessions for the UFE).

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2015 CPA Professional Education Program Prep

Going through the CPA PEP Process?

CPAFormula’s 2015 PEP Course provides all the necessary technical, strategic considerations and advice on writing skills you’ll need to know to pass the challenge exams. In addition to online lectures, each student receives individual attention in their exact areas of weakness based on an assessment of existing strengths and weaknesses (technical, strategic or written) through one-on-one sessions and professionally marked cases.

Each student will receive indefinite access to the 2015 CPA PEP prep course until they pass the CFE and have an opportunity to qualify as a Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada.

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SOA done, now take a break

Congratulations to all those in Ontario completing the SOA final exam today. It’s been a tough slog for many and most of you are no doubt tired or worn out from the experience. The good news is that between now and SOA results day I would strongly suggest you take a break from anything SOA/UFE related. This is what many people do and it’s perfectly fine and advised so enjoy the upcoming long weekend and enjoy the next few weeks SOA/UFE-free.

There is more than enough time between SOA results and the UFE in September to get all the practice and training you need.

While you’re welcome to talk about the exam in the comments I suggest you forget about it until results day for now. You can’t change your response now and you don’t know how it’s being marked so it’ll only add stress in your life.

Congratulations again – you’ve now joined the generations before you who have made it through the unique SOA experience.

One down, one to go

Congrats to everyone getting through the first day of SOA exams today. Hopefully you are finding some way to relax and get a great sleep tonight rather than hanging out on this blog but in case you’re not… Remember tomorrow is a completely new day and whether you did great today or bombed it, tomorrow will make a difference to your end result.

Therefore: forget about today now and go full-effort again tomorrow. As tends to happen every year, a lot of people have an exagerated view of their performance (usually to the downside) so don’t let that impact your level of effort tomorrow.

Good luck and best wishes!

Welcome to SOA and Suggested Reading

Hey there – welcome to the start of the 2014 School of Accountancy!

Excited for more? I’ve put together a reading list below which you can add to your readings in the next few weeks during SOA. Have a look through them all or choose your own adventure!

And as always, the comments are open to chat and ask questions.

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