SOA Results Tomorrow

That sure went by fast… At least for those who aren’t waiting for results.

Tomorrow is SOA results day and the end of the painful wait that most of you are enduring. Almost there.

For those getting worries again and need something to do today, here’s an activity I suggest: go through previous years’ SOA results, in particular the breakdown of what percentage of people scored at which level on the final. You’ll see it’s still quite common to score NA and NC on the final. This will hopefully ease your worries about those few things that you know you missed. You can also go through the past comments and you’ll see plenty of people missing various things – perfectly normal. If that doesn’t work, well, at least we’re less than a day away now.

Reminder, SOA results are released at 10AM at the link below.


  1. So stressed. So nervous. Counting the hours…

  2. ^^^Cool your jets bud.

  3. This waiting process is just training us to be ready for the longerrrr… UFE results waiting…

    We have hopped on the last train for CA, and there is no turning back or quick exit. At least we are not alone.

    • The good news is that with the UFE the first week and maybe the last week or two suck for waiting but you kind of forget about it in the middle.

  4. 1 more hour! Is everyone ready?!

  5. I don’t think I passed but there’s November I guess. I didn’t go deep into the tax required areas. :S

    • Make sure to come back and let us know when you’ve passed 🙂

      • No luck. I didn’t get through :'(…Been through this with the CKE hopefully it works out in November, I had a feeling. Worst part is I did great on all the mocks during the SOA

  6. Ahhh Help me tom cruise! Help my Oprah Winfrey!

  7. The wait is painful!

  8. About To Pass Out

    I am too nervous for this!

  9. Failed…still don’t know why…

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