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Congratulations – you finished the UFE!

I think a BIG congratulations are in order to the thousands today that are finishing the UFE. You have, in many cases, put in a great deal of work to get here and each one of you should be proud of yourselves. Congratulations!

No doubt many (if not all) of you will feel not so great coming out of the UFE which is perfectly normal. You only have to go back to the comments here, here and here to see this is the same every year. Nothing new.

Enjoy the weekend, you deserve it.

Have an easy going day today and get a good sleep – Good luck for UFE 2014

I certainly hope you aren’t studying much today! Your primary objective today is to tire yourself out enough so that you get a great sleep tonight.

If you have to do something then keep it to no more than half a day of light review and if you are writing any cases then make sure they are feel-good mocks and nothing new.

The next three days are the only ones that count so a little advice there:

1. Don’t talk about the exam after the exam. If you’re going to be tempted or going to be around people that can’t help themselves then don’t put yourself in that situation.

2. Each day is worth about the same points. You will probably feel terrible coming out of each day and this is normal and common. Don’t dare get discouraged and put in half-effort any of the three days.

3. Relax after the exam each day and do something to keep your mind off of it. Continue to get lots of sleep and don’t study/look things up after each day.

The key is to stay motivated, not get discouraged and be your best for these three days. After that you can go back to whatever lifestyle you prefer.

Good luck and congratulations for making it this far!

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