SOA Redux and Upcoming UFE Results

UFE Results Coming Up

It’s been long enough. The long wait is almost over and the UFE results are being released November 28th (Usually Nov 27th in Quebec). If you’re one of the many candidates out there that managed to forget about the UFE since September, it’s probably popping back into your head more and more often lately which is normal. Certainly there are a great number of you, judging by the comments, that started thinking about it more last week. Forget about all the rumours which are there every year, you’re almost through so hang in there.

November SOA

The unique November SOA is coming up November 26 and 27th for those who didn’t manage to get through last summer. This will be the opportunity to get through to the final UFE in June. The SOA Suggested Reading post is probably the best place to look for last minute tips but in the end, hopefully you’ve had enough time since the summer to workout any technical problems and it’s a stress management exercise now – so find ways to manage that stress, get help if you need to. Good luck and don’t let the repeat writer thing hurt you, in the end you end up with the same letters after you pass all this.


  1. We the North, North of the passing grade!

  2. Its over

  3. Get back on stu D ying.

  4. Casey thanks for letting me in the game tonight.

  5. Here we go again. I’ve taken the steps needed to ensure I pass this time around. Mock 1 I did decent enough to pass with question 1 and did pretty good on 2 and 3. On mock 2 I received 16 C’s and the rest RC’s. I don’t think theres anything else I can do at this point. I hope June doesn’t happen again were they throw some wacky cases out there.

    All in all I feel pretty confident but somewhat nervous about the exam but definitely better than June. Hate the way that they are marking this exam this time because there was no deciles to see where you would place.

  6. Best of luck to everyone and remember winter is coming.

  7. May the odds be in ur favour

  8. Watch out dec 5

  9. its hard to know that the pass rate was only 71% and 67% in ontario. that means 1/3 ppl didnt pass. that is crz. does anyone know how those rates compare to 2013 or 2012?

    • These stats probably are not real – however are not that far off from the pass rate when it was released. Also, there were 9th Decile folks who passed the SOA in Ontario this June; assuming this is not normal and it led to a higher than normal amount of UFE writers in Ontario. If the institute wants to keep the same number of successful writers as it passed in prior years it will drive the pass rate down, based on total people writing.

      • id argue they r real… like y would someone just lie about that.. like im pretty sure at the end the markers learn the pass rate of the candidates they have marked and they wouldnt be just giving out false info…

  10. Where did u get these stats from? Typically they don’t release that info.

  11. Relax and take it easy no matter what the results. If you didn’t make it this time- hey it’s just an exam you will likely write again and pass it’s not terminal cancer.

  12. Good luck to all this week! I hope all of you receive positive news at 12 PM Friday! I know the feeling, I recommend to keep yourself occupied somehow! Easier said than done though!

  13. The Real UFE Marker

    Guys. The pass rate is not 71%. Please ignore whoever said that, they were clearly trolling you all. I’m the Real UFE Marker and I can confirm that its 66%. I wanted to keep it low this year going into the June UFE, and the new CFE programs.

  14. The Realer UFE Marker

    Guys. Don’t listen to the Real UFE Marker, I am the Realer UFE Marker, and I say the pass rate is 90% this year, so there.

    Goodluck everyone! 🙂

  15. The stats posted are not real. Whoever posted said 77% for Western Canada, but CASB has 1342 writers who passed(on CASB results website) and approx 1613(includes first time and repeat writers) who wrote, so about 83% passed for CASB.

    • good to know. hopefully Ontario is up near 80%.

    • great work on trying to find a pass rate but how do u know that the 1613 writers include first time and repeat writers??? what document supports this.

      • it includes all writers in western Canada. Casb posted a master listing of all writers in western Canada sepersted by different locations.

        • is the master listing of all the writers available somewhere??

          • It was available on Mod 6 prep website. Someone downloaded it. I don’t have a copy but I know the number is about right because I counted it before UFE. It’s the listing that tells you which writing center you will end up going.

  16. Last goodnight of sleep

    • I know..I also keep thinking either it’s a really fun weekend coming up or likely a horrible weekend spent indoors sleeping and depressed. I just hate the UFE study process, yuck..having to study for and write that again :/

  17. Been there done that 🙁

  18. Just give us the results already, why the painful wait…can’t take much more of this.

  19. Almost over casb results will be uploaded at 7am pacific time

  20. The Real UFE Marker

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to let you guys know that the announcement of the results has been delayed for a few more days. You will find out on Monday (Dec 1) at noon now. Sorry for the inconvenience. If anyone tries to troll this announcement, I’m going to have no choice but to bitch slap them.

  21. Tonight = worst sleep

  22. What a shitty night and shitty weekend this will be…

  23. Good luck everyone!Its going to be a tough night to get through!

  24. The calm before the storm

  25. Freakin Quebec already got their results how come they get it first.

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