SOA #2 Results Out

The final UFE cohort to go through is now complete. Congrats the the many candidates who successfully completed the second sitting of the School of Accountancy Exam and received their results. Find your results here. The unique June UFE will be the final sitting offered. It’s still a bit too early to go too hard for the UFE so enjoy the holidays and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get to work (at work) and hit the books in the new year so come well rested.

Congratulations again!


  1. I was very surprised that they did not let many people to pass. I thought all of us will pass, but unfortunately they cut lots of people.

  2. Acrophobic Accountant

    Does anyone know if debriefing notes/marker guide have been posted on the CPA Ontario website for the SSOA? I couldn’t find anything…

  3. when is a good time to start UFE prep?

  4. I didn’t pass the SSOA. Does anyone know what they next steps are for someone in my position? I’ve tried calling the CPA Ontario for the past 4 days and have left messages and emails but no one has responded to me.

  5. Hey Adria,

    I think the process is as follows 4 modules plus the group assignment to get to the CFE.

    Just keep going! I did and I passed the SSOA. No worries its just an exam just adjust your approach and you will succeed.

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