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Writing the June UFE?

When asked what to do for the June UFE my simple answer is that it shouldn’t change from what you’d do as a repeat writing for any other UFE.

Study Schedule

In general, there is no reason you shouldn’t follow the average UFE study schedule which is to slowly ramp up by doing a case on the weekends in April and then go full time, two cases per day max Monday to Friday for the 3-4 weeks prior to the UFE with weekends off to avoid burnout. If you can get some cases in there that you haven’t done before, even better.

Some of you will have constraints like employers that won’t let you have that much time off and you’ll have to adapt like the repeat writers of the past. Do extra cases on nights and weekends but don’t let it throw you off – many before you have done this under similar conditions and succeeded.

Always remember to watch for burnout and take your foot of the gas if needed.

Focus on Process

Although not all, the majority of writers that are unsuccessful the first time have process issues, not knowledge issues. My advice for the majority is to focus on your outlining, time management, priority setting and writing so that you can convey the right ideas on the right things quickly. Simple to say, hard to implement and this will take you practice. Learning to debrief properly will help you.

Don’t do it alone

Find a group or study buddy to debrief and review with. The independent and honest feedback is valuable and in my view, a key success factor in passing the UFE. You know what you wrote, or meant to write for your case and people have a tendency to assume that everybody understands their response the same way. An honest third party is the best way to avoid this error and they can tell you what they read and the gaps that exist between your response and the marking guide.

I think most of the advice on this blog is pretty timeless so feel free to flip through it for advice on certain areas or topics. What’s even more valuable is the feedback from other writers, past and present – what are you changing for the June UFE or what would you recommend for upcoming writers? Let us know in the comments!

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