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Best of luck on the final UFE

Maybe it’s come too quickly or taken forever to get here for you, but here we are – the final UFE begins on June 2nd. No doubt, you’re very nervous about it but I hope you’ve taken the last weekend off and that you are keeping rested on Monday (only a half-day of light studying/writing allowed!)

Thank you to all those that have come by UFE Blog and found it useful or helpful in some way and I want to wish each and every one of you GOOD LUCK writing the UFE over the next three days. I’ll give you my last pieces of advice that I repeat every year.

1. Don’t talk about the UFE with anyone after Day 1 or Day 2. No good can come of it.

2. You will probably feel like you didn’t do so well after one, two or all three days. Don’t let up one bit if you feel that way. Give it 110% each and every day. No single day will guarantee you a pass nor a failure, this is a marathon.

With that – Good luck!

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