Final UFE Results Today

A warm congratulations goes out today to those passing (or soon to be passing) the final sitting of the UFE. Judging from the comments, there are plenty of nervous people and most of you will get good results today if past trends continue.  Now hit the comments and let us know that you passed!

As always, thanks to the many readers and numerous commenters who have come to discuss and offer advice along the way.

With the results today we say good-bye to the UFE and bring on the CFE.


  1. Congratulations to all the individuals who passed!

  2. There are two hours left before the results. Where people get the results from?

  3. UFE Repeat writer


  4. PASSED!

  5. I am guessing those are Quebec writers, who found out their results last night…

  6. 3rd time writer and I finally passed!

  7. Congratulations to all 2015 successful UFE candidates! Enjoy the day you deserve it 🙂

  8. Thanks UFEBlog for setting up this forum, it was a helpfull reference over the last year. SSOA writer that made it through, so happy!!

  9. Would like to congratulate the other successful writers, well deserved. To those who fell short, this means nothing in the big picture, unless you let it, always get up & move on to newer and better things…there are plenty! Good luck to all & thanks for setting up this website, it has been helpful in many ways.

  10. Bombed again! The only consolation is that I’ll still get the CPA, CA letters. There’s that at least.

    • I did not pass as well. This was my first attempt. I asked what next and was told that I have to do capstone 1 and capstone 2 + final CFE.
      What do you mean by CPA, CA letters? I thought you have to pass UFE to get CA in front of CPA?

  11. Bombed again! The only consolation is that I’ll still get the CPA, CA letters. There’s that at least.

  12. Passed! 4rth attempt!!!!!! Amazing feeling.

  13. failed

  14. The number of attempts seem to vary by province. It’s 3 for most except Quebec . U can write as many times as possible within a six year time frame.

  15. 2015 UFE Candidate

    I was not successful in writing the 2015 (final) UFE (first time writer). Certainly very difficult and disappointing moment and stage. My question is similar to ‘Anna”s, listed above. Is there still an opportunity to have the “CPA, CA” letters behind your name?

    Also, it is very unfortunate that unsuccessful 2015 UFE writers will be required to take Capstone 1 + Capstone 2 (equivalent to CASB’s “UFE PREP”) since prior unsuccessful UFE writers were not required to re-take UFE prep and could simply just re-write the UFE. Are there any other alternative options for unsuccessful UFE writers? (i.e., perhaps a course/option to bypass the Capstone’s in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO)? Or a become designated as a CA in the UK? Atlantic School of Accountancy ASCA in Bermuda?) Available options which have reciprocity with the CA designation?

    • why do you need stupid CA letters behind your name? I passed UFE this time but opt our of the CA stupid legacy and try to get all my experience whenever I want, meaning you dont need to slave for CA firms!!! in 10 years noone will care what you passed, you will be a CPA no matter what!

  16. This was my final attempt so I was asked if I wanted to defer to the cpa program. However in order to write the CKE I was told that it was mandatory to take capstone one and 2. I don’t think u can avoid it.

    In addition I would be a cpa not a cpa, ca.

  17. Passed. For ones who didn’t, I know the feeling of failing from my first time. Pull yourself together and make a game plan and don’t give up. These exams are all about pacing your selves while studying. I know easier said for me because I passed but the exams are stressful and what we go through even if we fail we should be proud with ourselves for even taking on the challenge.

    I studied without a partner both times but this time around I really gave myself weekends off etc and myself and passed. I thought I would fail because I didn’t take a course either.

    Pacing yourself while studying is key as weird as it sounds

  18. I agree. Its very disappointing having to go through Capstone 1 (CMA style Final Board report/presentation) + Capstone 2 (UFE prep equivalent, which supplements the CFE so not a big deal here) + transitional program (depending on the intensity, not a big deal) just for privilege of re-writing the UFE (CFE). I haven’t made a final decision, but I am leaning away as this just seems too much (especially Capstone 1) for the benefit of a designation. It is pretty much like re-doing the CA process, requiring too much time commitment and even more money than wouldve been required under the old system (simply re-writing the UFE). I wish it was just a re-write of the CFE, but that’s not my decision.

    For those asking about CPA CA, I believe you can get it through the previously mentioned route, but if you fail anything once, you start from scratch to only gain a CPA. Otherwise you can start at an earlier level (not sure which) and have the benefit of re-writing if need be, and only attain CPA.

    Good luck to all and congrats to successful writers.

    • Also, CPA CA benefit under new CPA program ALSO REQUIRES you to have been registered under the CA legacy program with an approved CA training office before a certain date..its on a I believe “transition to CPA from CA legacy program” document on the CPA site. Google it.

      All in all, the transitional requirements are a perfect way to deter unsuccessful UFE writers, but we all have ourselves to blame for failing.

  19. Any ways we have one more year before the exam.
    I checked the capstone 1 and 2. They are in may
    And July before the final cfe. There are no exams
    Under capstones . It’s like a workshop.

  20. Goodbye CPA CANADA, that’s the end of story… either I don’t deserve you or either you don’t deserve me, but the result is same “Breakup”.

  21. The UFE is a stress test. Last year my dad passed away, good friend committed suicide and then my unsupportive girlfriend left me while I was in densmore. A toxic mix for passing the ufe.

    This year I passed even though working full time and I was unable to time off. It just involved a lot of discipline and time management.

    Nonetheless, the merger is a real bummer and for those who have to transfer over from the CA program really get the short end of the stick. but depending on how young your career is I’d recommend sticking it out. You really can’t compare the UFE to any other exam and even just getting to the point of writing it and failing is a much bigger accomplishment than the path other accounting students have to take. That three day experience is pretty crazy and unique on its own.

  22. Eager to know what i failed on, I will be requesting a ufe review to ensure the marking is accurate. For those of you who want to quit – DON’T. I failed the cke, soa and now the ufe but you have to remember its a battle of attrition. Im the last guy at our firm, in my group to get through this and yes it is embarrassing but just know that alot of people in higher positions have failed and eventually passed to do the exact same thing those people who passed the first time did…if not better.

    Could someone please confirm the capstone offerings i am a little confused. Here are a few questions I have.

    1) Capstone one – can this be done remotely, I will be working on a large engagement out of the country??? Video presentation?

    2) When are these capstone offerings and how long are they? What is the likelihood of failing any of these?

    Remember guys its just an exam, you don’t live in like Syria worrying about bombs falling on your head. Or compton or something lol.

    Don’t worry guys keep fighting I know it hurts like a mother you’re not alone!

    • There will be two CFE offerings next year. In may
      And in September . We will have to do the capstones
      Before . There are no exams for the capstones.
      It will be romp rely as I understood. The first one
      Will start in January and will continue till April
      With the second one in April and may finis honing
      Write before the cfe. We do not have to take cfe
      Prep since in the second capstone we will have
      To write each week two cases and suit them
      For marking to the institute .
      I will be requesting the revaluation as well since
      I was sure that I will pass.

      • 2015 First Time UFE Writer

        You have mentioned you are requesting for a revaluation?

        Is there a form or specific process for doing so? I am interested in doing this as well, could you please provide some additional information?


    • Hi Terry,

      I have been through CAP 1 and it can be done remotely as some groups had members seven hours apart. The only requirements is you all need to be present for the final board presentations. There have be special circumstances were individuals were permitted to do a live video presentations but from the rumors I heard in the program it was extremely hard and they board evaluation was also a lot stricter on the group and didn’t pass.

      As far as the success rate as long as you follow what the request and prepare your case per the sample you should be fine. I think the success rate was very high, 90% is the rumor. The importance is placed on Cap 1 only because it ties to day one of the CFE so without taking it you will not likely pass day one.

      Hope that helps and the best of luck to you.

  23. Passed. When is convocation? Anyone know if and when successful writers get posted in the globe & mail?

  24. For those of you who want to quit now. . I suggest you really think it through. Think back why you chose to do accounting? Do you see yourself working in the field? What drives you? You have plenty Of time to make this decision. Remember that success is doing what makes you happy..
    For those of you who was in a toxic relationship while preparing for UFE… i hope you either left this relationship or thinking about leaving.. If the person couldn’t be there for you during this difficult time, I don’t think this person genuinely cares about you.
    For those of you who failed because you thought you are smarter than an average writer… And took the studying lightly.. Well guess what… The exam has nothing to do how smart you are, abosolurely nothing.. Well unless you have photographic memory.. But even then.. You still might fail. The exam was all about discipline, time management, and other skills that you obtain only by practising writing and debriefing cases.. so of you failed, you did not prepare for it correctly..
    Some of you could have failed because of your study partner.. Not receiving a correct marking could have caused you not improving especially if you didn’t debfrief yourself correctly..
    All above are the reasons why I failed the first two times. after I failed first time I left my relationship. After I failed the second time, I got fired the next day. But guess what? I didn’t quit, or have up. Instead i got angry at myself. I knew I wanted to stay in accounting. I knew I have everything it takes to pass. I was angry at myself for making stupid decisions. I promised myself that I will do whatever it takes to pass. This year after I finished day 3, I knew I passed, there was no doubt in my mind. Advice? Don’t give up! Don’t even think about it! This experience will make you stronger!! Prepare yourself for future examination to the point where you have no doubt in passing!

    • I agree with advice’s post.

      Don’t give up. Sometimes failure is a great lesson.

      I didn’t get hired for 2 years and failed the CKE the first time.

      I quickly learned this exam process was no joke and the proper preparation, planning and discipline was required. I heard so many times from people to quit and find another profession. Well, guess what, passed in 2014 and been working for 2 years.

      Keep at it and you will succeed!

  25. 2015 First Time UFE Writer

    Addressing Terry’s comment above regarding requesting a UFE review. Could you please provide additional information, what is the process for requesting a UFE review (to ensure the marking is accurate)? I thought the only option was appealing your UFE results?

    Also, is there any way possible (outside of CASB – now CPAWSB) to still have the “CPA, CA” letters behind your name?

  26. I dont think the UFE is a reflection of your intellect or capability. It is like any other examination; passing it, just indicates that you are a better conformist than the ones who didnt pass. I failed, that doesnt define me or my life. I will not give up; though, I am seriously pondering if I will go back to the Capstones. No point in ranting and raving about it. There are far better options in life; like learning to code, getting an MBA etc., Accounting is not the only rodeo in town. I am going to wrap up my anger and light the fire to fuel me ahead. My advise, think hard and do what makes you happy. If you think, that the CPA,CA designation is not worth your time, then, don’t do it. I am sure all of us have the talent in us to prove what has been one result as wrong….Best of luck in that pursuit. I’d say become the next Bill Gates, Larry Page and if you strongly feel so, employ the best minds…

  27. Tough times never last, tough people always do. That kept me going through the UFE as a repeat writer. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

  28. I failed twice and finally passed the UFE this year.

    Year 1: I was really intense and just tried to memorize everything so I can regurgitate. Time management was WAYYYYY off and could never finish a case thorughout the entire study period and definitely did not finish the UFE. Almost passed but failed at level 1 missing 1 C. Remembered everything I did wrong during the exam even until results came out, I knew everything I wrote and where I didn’t finish.

    Year 2: I tried to be relaxed taking off weekends and leaving at 5pm but my debriefs were always poor and I didn’t know how to “learn”. My study buddy was a stress case. During the UFE, I was nervous as hell and did not know how to do a lot of the stuff. Remembered all the stuff I did wrong up until results. Failed.

    Year 3: I really tried to “learn” the material and constantly dug deeper into the issues and forced myself time management by practicing writing certain competencies only on given days. I had a study partner who ended up being a curious as I was this time around about digging deeper to find the true solution. I asked myself every time if I truly understood the debrief and thought about different scenarios each time to apply the knowledge. Days ended around 6pm but I was finally hitting C’s and solid RC’s and C’s in all my competencies with being able to finish cases sometimes even with time left. the comp was a killer this year and I NA’ed one indicator for sure with a couple of NC’s. Killed Day 2 and 3 and did not remember a single thing of the exam after a week. Did not think about the exam and I finally felt comofrtable with all the stuff I wrote during the exam this time.
    Passed finally.

    I think people don’t use the time to study “properly”. Really try to learn the stuff and don’t gloss over it to just go through the “process”. That was definitely my mistake thinking that everything will just happen on its own if I follow the “process”.

    Good Luck.

    There are definitely more alternatives than the CA. If you don’t want to do it, that is totally fine. If you do, don’t give up. TBH, your work performance and accomplishments are far more meaningful than your pass/fail on the UFE. nevertheless, tomorrow is another day and you can do this!!

  29. I failed on level 1 here are my results is a review worth it? There have been reversals only on level 1 reviews so there may be a chance!

    Level 1 – Sufficiency Standard

    Sufficiency Standard – ** Standard Not Met **

    Level 2- Depth

    PMR- Standard Clearly Met
    Assurance – Standard Clearly Met

    Level 3 – Breadth

    Tax – Standard Marginally Met
    GSMR – Standard Marginally Met
    MDM – Standard Clearly Met
    Finance – Standard Clearly Met

    • it depends what deciles you’ve got-if you got 1-2, there is a chance, if numbers are higher, dont waste your time and money…see stats how many ppl got their results reversed after the appeal….

    • 3rd time writer - passed

      Hi Terry,

      I was in your exact position in 2013 and 2014 UFE. Passed every level except 1 by a sufficiency grouping of 2 in 2013 and sufficiency grouping of 1 in 2014. I appealed both times and got the rejection letter. From what I understand it is almost impossible for them to give you that extra grade and I myself do not know anyone who has been successful in an appeal.If your sufficiency rating is over 2, your chances of a successful appeal are probably similar odds to winning the lottery.

      If you want to do it for peace of mind, I say pay the $425 and get it over with knowing you gave it everything you got.

    • Sorry the decile ranking was 8 for the comp and 7 for the multi’s. Im hoping for a little luck, judging by the chicken feathers i found in my mcnuggets today i might have some!

      • 3rd time writer - passed

        Hi Terry,

        Honestly when I was in your position to help me sleep better at night and to get my mind off of the exam I just went for the appeal. It’s a bit of money that you could save but you can’t really put a price on that what if, could of, should of, mentality. I’d say go for it, but plan for the worse and move on. If you succeed in the appeal, perfect. If not, you always have a back up.

        • in 2014 I failed level 3, GSRM. I wanted to apeal as I couldnt believe that I passed everything but GSRM!!!how stupid was that!!! and you know what? I did not appeal. It felt better knowing that I still have my $500. I took Densmore class this year and he told us that the quality control is too good….when they say, they mean it….

          your money, your decision….

          • I failed level 2 in 2013, which means I missed a C in either Assurance or PMR, that was my second attempt, and I almost went for an appeal. I didn’t appeal and wrote the UFE this year and passed. I think when you failed at level 2 or 3, that means you are closer to pass, even though that was not told in the Densmore course.

  30. Does anyone know when the names of successful writers get posted in the globe and mail?

  31. 3rd time writer - passed

    I am a third time writer. I failed the 2013, 2014 UFE. Both times with a deficiency in level 1 by 1C. I believe my grouping was 1-2 both times. The odds of a successful appeal are slim to none. I actually don’t know a single person who has been successful with the appear.

    My advice to future writers. Don’t do it on your own. The first two times I failed, I was an introvert, a lone wolf. I thought I could do it myself and alone. This third time I got a group and together we all contributed to helping one another, improving each others writing styles and providing constructive criticisms. We were all successful this year.

    Stick to the study schedule. 8-4 or 9-5. I don’t mean writing the case and looking to see what you did wrong. There were times in the past where I would play the “Oh, no one else got C” or the “I never learned this” card but really no one benefits from that. Do everything as Densmore or CASB tells you to. Write, Mark, Debrief. I followed everything to a T this year, following times and everything.

    When I wrote this year, I had told myself, don’t go 2 minutes over time on ANYTHING. There was two simiulations in day 2 or 3 that were extremely time pressured and the 3rd simulations was a 60 min case at the end.

    Going through the first simulation I had to abandon my final thoughts because I knew there was no way I was going to finish on time, the second simulation was very similar to this. I think in total I went 2 minutes over for both cutting off my writing. This isn’t something you think about when you’re in “exam mode” but you need to. I spent the full 58 minutes on a 60 minute case and honestly think that this simulation was the one that boosted me to a pass for the UFE.

    Many candidates while I was forcing myself to stop writing for sim 1 and 2 were all going overtime, Maybe 20-30 minutes over each. This leaves you with maybe 15-30 minutes to complete the final case which would have been a super poor attempt. So remember to stick to your time, regardless of what you wrote and how you felt about it. Chances are you could be chasing a C but was already limited to an RC wasting your time.

    Last thing, stay calm. It’s just an exam. Enjoy the process, enjoy the people, and always reward yourself for trying.

  32. the level was 1 also

  33. So I passed the CKE and SOA failed this UFE. Will I still get the CPA, CA after passing the CFE? Does anyone know the link where this is verified?

    • I can only ever find this document that details it. In the legacy CA box in green is sounds like it means we’re (I failed too) going to need to bridge, take Capstones 1 & 2, then write the CFE, but will get CPA, CA. See link below.

      • 2015 First Time UFE Writer

        Are legacy CA students (Western Canada – BC/Alberta) who were unsuccessful on the 2015 UFE also able to have the CPA, CA designation upon successful completion of the CFE? (As we are “Legacy CA students” after all).

        If Legacy CA students pursuing this route (in Western Canada – BC/Alberta) don’t receive a CPA, CA designation then the term Legacy CA Student is very misleading.

        It does not seem fair that unsuccessful 2015 UFE writers are still able to receive the “CPA, CA” designation while those residing in Western Canada do not.

  34. Does someone know what transitional bridging is?
    Do we have to do something for this, or we can just enroll into?

  35. Feel your feelings

    I almost forgot about the UFE results release this year.

    If you have made it this year, congratulations! Enjoy your exam-free life. No more big exams ahead, unless you choose to challenge yourself in other areas.

    If you did not make it this time, never give up. It is an exam. Talk to your exam mentor or friends or colleagues, and understand your blind spots or weaknesses. Overcome them next time.

  36. Congrats to those who passed. If you were not successful, this happens a ton in sports. You need to lose sometimes to see what it takes to win. You don’t quit a sport because you didn’t win a tournament or a season. You stay in the sport and keep competing. See you at the CFE.

  37. 2015 First Time UFE Writer

    Are legacy CA students (Western Canada – BC/Alberta) who were unsuccessful on the 2015 UFE also able to have the CPA, CA designation upon successful completion of the CFE? (As we are “Legacy CA students” after all).

    If Legacy CA students pursuing this route (in Western Canada – BC/Alberta) don’t receive a CPA, CA designation then the term Legacy CA Student is very misleading.

    It does not seem fair that unsuccessful 2015 UFE writers from Ontario are still able to receive the “CPA, CA” designation while those residing in Western Canada do not.

    • I have talked with a CPAWSB Program Evaluator and was informed that Ontario is the only province that will allow for the dual designation (CPA, CA) for a legacy student that has transferred into the CPA program and who successfully completes the CFE before 2020.

      Good ‘ol Ontario (aka: The Center of the Universe).

  38. Hello,

    I wrote the 2015 UFE as a third time writer and was successful. This website certainly helped so a big thankyou goes to Charles Zane for devoting his time to helping us succeed.

    I did not have the required writing skills nor did I know how to manage the stress that comes with writing the UFE, which is why I even failed the School of Accountancy exams.

    Writing emails to clients at work was helpful and I tried to be as concise as possible without spending too much time. I worked on how to deal with stress by trying out new things… ( swimming, volleyball, table tennis)

    As for studying, it was a step by step process. Initially, I trained myself to prepare a computer outline as opposed to writing my thoughts on paper. I was able to add more depth and breadth to my response as it gave me some extra time.

    I spent a good week on preparing outlines and comparing them to the suggested solutions just to get a hang of things.

    During Week 2 and 3, I was writing 2 multis everyday. It would take me 8.5 to 9 hours to write, debrief and update my technical notes. (Mostly for PMR)

    I spent most of week 4 refining my short case writing skills and on preparing outlines for comprehensive exams.

    I finished studying on Friday and went to an RMT on Saturday to ease some of my back and neck muscles.

    I gave it my 110% during those three days. I really wanted to pass badly…..

    It was strange though that I didnt remember as much after each day of the UFE. Didnt take much stress during the waiting period. It was a pleasant surprise when the Partner came to my office and shook my hand, put his arm around my shoulder and said ” you did it”…….

    Wohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I am going to be a CA !!!

  39. Anyone else having trouble ordering a UFE Review? CPA Ontario website is erroring out and no one at CPA Ontario will respond to me.

    • Save your money, if you failed at level 1 sufficiency 1 then its worth it. If not move on and get ready for the CFE the capstones are a joke.

  40. You have a very tight deadline to decide whether to appeal your 2014 UFE results, and the decision should not be taken lightly. You have probably already considered the financial implications. The historical successful appeal rate of around 1% has proven that the vast majority of appeals were a waste of money that could have been better deployed on other resources, such as training, materials, and mentoring. However, there are also emotional factors – both pro and con – that enter into the appeal decision.

    One thing to bear in mind is that each of your sims was marked by at least two markers. If their assessments of your performance on each indicator on the sim agreed, your mark for that sim stood. If their assessments differed on any indicator, a final determination was made by a third, more senior marker. In other words, at least 14 different markers – and as many as 21 – have already read your responses (i.e., two or three for each of the seven sims). Quality control at the UFE marking centre is incredible; don’t hang your appeal hopes on anything having been missed.

    Appealing is always a long shot; however, the odds of a successful appeal improve the closer you were to passing in the first place. For level 1 problems, a sufficiency grouping (SG) of one indicates that the mark on only one primary indicator would have to be adjusted upward to change your status. For example, if one NC gets upgraded to an RC, or one RC gets upgraded to a C, a candidate with an SG of one would pass on appeal. As the SG number increases, the odds of a status change diminish dramatically. It’s therefore not considered worthwhile to appeal an SG greater than one.

    If you were successful at level 1, but unsuccessful at levels 2 or 3, you may still be only one C or RC, respectively, away from passing. However, the odds of a status change are not as great as those for level 1 at an SG of one because fewer indicators impact any given competency area for levels 2 and 3. And, for level 2 appeals, you might be two Cs away from passing, not just one. Appealing level 2 or 3 fails is therefore not recommended.

    But this is where the emotion kicks in: some unsuccessful candidates simply can’t get closure or move on to think about the next year until they have exhausted every opportunity. If you’re among them, write the cheque and buy your closure.

    Having said that, consider the other side of the emotional journal entry: the creation of false hope. If you choose to appeal, don’t get your hopes up as the odds are heavily against you. Unsuccessful appellants often feel as though they have not passed a second time when they get their appeal results. That’s not the case. An unsuccessful appeal is simply confirmation that the initial results were correct. If you can accept that as “closure”, that’s great. However, if you know in your heart that an unsuccessful appeal will tear open the wounds that are just starting to heal, don’t set yourself up for another emotional trauma. It’s not worth it. Move on now to focus on the June 2015 UFE.

  41. u are not allowed to take the jan capstone 1 we will have to wait until september cfe because we have to take capstone 1 in may

  42. Anybody know when the names of successful writers will be posted in the Globe & Mail?

    • after the reviews of the UFE are done. I believe level 1 is the only reviews which matter because there is no successful changes for other levels. You need a sufficiency grouping of 1 at level 1 to even have a SMALL chance. I feel bad for those people because all it took was another RC or C on a primary and they were golden, now they have to wait until may to take capstone 1 capstone 2 and the cfe in september. Maybe its better to do an MBA at this point for them.

  43. Yup its official, for the failures we’ll be getting a letter at the end of the month to register for “PEP” ….the transitional bridging, CAP 1 & 2 MODS, the earliest we can take the CFE is September 2016 because module 2 does not end until June therefore May 2016 CFE is out of the question.

    “CPA, CA” designation is still up for grabs provided you registered with CPA Ontario before Feb 2015 and really who gives about that really!

    This sucks and sucks real bad

    • Hi Tommy,

      I think you are missing the April Capstone 2 module that starts April 2, 2016 and leads into the May CFE. I believe the main obstacle will be your firm’s blessing to write during the busy season again.

      I haven’t received the CPAO letter yet but the schedule is online and an education rep told me we should still be able to write in May if we complete Caps 1 & 2.

      • Hi Bob,

        You will need to take Capstone 1 which isn’t being offered before the May CFE. Capstone 1 is a requirement as it relates to day 1 of the CFE.

        • Am I misreading the schedule? I thought there was a Capstone 1 scheduled to start on January 23, 2016?

          • No you aren’t missing the offering. What my firm told everyone about the transition is that the May offering is a one off kind of like a rewrite for CFE failed writers. Since they use the case in cap 1 twice for day 1 marking this is why they originally offered the CFE twice a year. If you take a look at future CFE’s they actually no longer have two offerings a year . This could be wrong as it wouldn’t be the first time CPA has provided information that was incorrect and screwed people over.

            Cap 1 if very easy to do in busy season I have had friends do mod in busy season and the mods are far more challenging than cap 1.

    • I failed UFE 2015 and I didn’t receive any “letter” from CPA as you indicate..did anyone receive this? if so, what is it exactly and where did you get the information about this in the first place?


  44. 2015 First Time UFE Writer

    Okay – based on the above postings, I just wanted to clarify some of my confusion:

    Based on CPAWSB (Western Canada), it is my understanding that unsuccessful June 2015 UFE writers are eligible to write the MAY 2015 CFE upon successful completion of Capstone 1 and Capstone 2. According to CPAWSB’s schedule, the offerings for both Capstones are:

    – Capstone 1: module run date: Jan 23 to March 18
    – Capstone 2: module run date: Apr 02 to May 20

    Schedules are posted on the link below:

    I guess the only “concern” is lack of study time available between the end of Capstone 2 and the May CFE. However, apparently the CFE is run this way?

    Can anyone please confirm the above???


    • As I understood Capstone 2 is about case writing. You write 2 cases every week and send them to CPA institute for marking. That will be your study time.

      I just herd that May 2016 offering is for special writing and I am trying to find out if we can write in May

  45. 2015 First Time UFE Writer

    Okay great, could you please keep me posted once you find out???


  46. Deleted.

    Let’s not turn this into a job board – please keep it at least semi-related to the CFE. – CFEblogger

  47. Did any unsuccessful 2015 UFE writers get a letter from CPA after their “unsuccessful 2015 UFE” letter?

    I did not receive anything after my “unsuccessful” letter…..

  48. I haven’t received anything as of yet, although they said we would receive something by the end of September which is strange maybe they are waiting until the review of UFE results come out and are final

  49. 2015 First Time UFE Writer

    Which letter are we expected to receive??

  50. Hey guys,

    Sorry to hear that you guys didn’t make it…I passed the 2015 UFE as my 2nd attempt… so I know how it felt to find out that you didn’t make it when you have given all you got and the results are not reflective of your efforts ☹

    This blog helped me a lot when I didn’t make it the first time, and I promised to come back here and give back to the community when I pass.

    I feel that I owe much of my success to finding a right mentor. Everyone’s weakness is different, so it’s important to find someone who can offer personalized tutoring that is specific to target your weakness.

    My mentor was Narmin Multani, and her email address is You guys should reach out to her and see what she has to say, she doesn’t charge a consultation fee. Also check out her website: and see if she is the right mentor for you.

    Good luck guys and don’t give up!!!!!

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