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Almost five years after starting this thing, I figured it should probably leave the perpetual “Beta” version we had and add some features that I hope will help future candidates.  Thanks to everybody that provided feedback on what they wanted to see.

Let’s start with what I’m about here.


Every CPA candidate has easy access to good information, resources and community support to successfully complete CPA Canada’s Common Final Examination (CFE)


CFE Blog is an independent source that provides educational information, resources and allows CPA candidates to plug into a like-minded community for advice and assistance.  Our mission is to help you successfully complete the Common Final Examination (CFE) no matter where you are from or where you work.

Site features

While a lot of the original features of the site remain, there’s been a makeover and some new features added. Here’s what you can expect immediately from CFE Blog.

  • Regular blog entries and improved categorization
  • Study partner/group searches
  • Access to community through comments and social media
  • Newsletter to throw the best content directly into your inbox
  • Information and access to mentors, markers and prep programs with reviews

… and more on the way.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy exploring the new site. As always, your suggestions are always welcome so get in touch and let me know!

– Tom

PS: Bare with me for another few weeks while I finalize or improve portions of the site.

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  1. Congrats on the relaunch. Looks good!

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I love open conversations. Casual is fine, professional is fine, but this is a community so anything abusive, demeaning or annoying will be removed at my discretion. Below is a guide to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

  1. 1. Use a name or alias. I understand wanting to keep your name personal, so make something clever up and stick to it. We can't tell each other apart if everybody is "Anon".
  2. 2. Remember the point. This is a community to discuss, debate and assist each other to pass the CFE or discuss other CPA things. Let's act like we're all the intelligent professionals that we are supposed to be.
  3. 3. No personal attacks. It's okay to disagree with opinions or advice but argue the point, not the person.
  4. 4. Don't be obnoxious. You should be proud if you are the next honour roll writer or work for a prestigious firm but don't be obnoxious by using it to feel better than others.


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