Where to find practice CFE cases

With the May CFE rapidly approaching, you’ll be starting your CFE study period soon. The best (and in this blog’s opinion, only) way to study in the 4-6 weeks ahead of the CFE is by doing plenty of practice CFE cases. Since the CFE doesn’t have a large archive of past cases yet, you should use a combination of past CFE and past UFE (CFE’s predecessor) cases during your study period.

You can find some of the most recent CFE and UFE cases to practice on below.

CPA Canada Offers a number of examples to sift through – CPA Canada offers some practice cases as examples. This is a great place to start.


The remainder of your past UFE or CFE cases will be part of the annual exam report and you will have to pull them out individually. Download them and then print them ahead of your study period. Thanks to the CPA Canada and the CPA Western School of Business for the reports provided below.

This should be more than enough and unfortunately for some strange reason, the reports prior to 2010 you can only get by purchasing (for $40) from the CPA store. I believe some provincial bodies may offer this as part of their student area (you must login) so have a look in yours first before any purchases.

There are, of course, plenty of additional cases that you can purchase from various providers but in my view, there is more than enough to go around in the above package. You certainly won’t need to purchase anything more if you don’t want to.


Which cases are you planning to practice on for the next CFE? Let’s discuss in the comments.


  1. anyone have the 2008 nd 2009 pdf links for free?

  2. I’m a little scared when it comes to the CFE. It’s a big exam and it’ll dictate whether or not I’m able to work in public accounting. I am not working right now so I don’t have access to the resources the Big 4 firms and many small to mid-sized firms give to their students.

    You kept mentioning that the above cases would be more than enough. So would you say that if I practice these cases and debrief them properly it’ll be fine? I won’t have to burn a grand to enroll in PASS?

    • In my view writing and debriefing cases well (ideally with a partner or study group) is the best way to study for the CFE. Yes, prep programs can help and as with all things, some people benefit more than others, but I’ve known plenty of people who have passed without them. If the money is an issue and you’ve got good indicators about your cases in the past and the other elements are in place then certainly it’s an option but I don’t want to push you either way as you are in the best position to know whether a prep course is something you need.

      Alternatives such as just getting some marking on the side or the shorter courses that are out there now may be more affordable.

      I hope that helps!

    • Yeah, do not worry about registering to a prep program. My friends (who work with me) and I did not register to any of these programs and did not get any additional support from our workplace and we all managed to pass. Our studying consisted mostly of doing all the capstone 2 cases in additional to additional UFE cases and the CFE 2015 (the most important one to do but if you are in Capstone 2 now, it will be your mock exam so you will have to do it anyways). For my part, during the 4 weeks before the exam, I would do a case or two per day, debrief and leave a couple of hours for technical review. For technical studying, a lot of people use Densmore but I used the Oracle as I liked the examples in there and HTK consulting for audit.

      So yeah, I wouldn’t spend extra money on getting that additional help, except if you feel you are not getting a handle on case writing. Maybe finding a personal coach would also be a good option in that case. In any case, make sure you practice on securexam and learn to type fast. I have to admit that skill saved me during the CFE as I had small issues with securexam on day 3 which would slow me down.

      • Hi all,

        Does anyone have May 2016 Day 2 and Day 3 solution for the papers. I can find the Board of Examiners report on CPA website for May 2016 but not solution as available for Sept 2016. Really appreciate if anyone can email me. Thank you for your assistance.

        Best Regards

  3. does anyone have a soft copy of the 2007 UFE report?

  4. Can anybody share 2016 CFE cases with solutions?

  5. Hi thanks so much for all your tips! The links are not working anymore, do you have the updated links? Thanks 🙂

  6. Anyone has the updated link for the previous UFE exams (2010-2015)?

  7. I am unable to access the links for 2014 cases and ones before that. Any idea how should i go forth with it?

  8. Non of the above links are working. Could someone please tell me where to find past UFE examiners reports. Much appreciated. Thank you! Andrey

  9. I am trying to find past UFEs on the CPA store but cannot seem to find any. Could someone help me please ? Does anyone would like to share them with me please ? Thank you !

  10. Hi there,

    The UFE Links appear to be broken.


  11. Does anyone have the 2006 UFE report?

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