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About the Author

I’m Adam Aronsberg and I successfully completed the 2010 Uniform Evaluation and presently work as a CPA in Toronto, Ontario. I have been mentoring CPA candidates (previously CA, CMA and CGA candidates) and coordinating an internal UFE/CFE Prep programs since 2011. You can connect with me through the blog anytime. Thanks for stopping by!


The vision of CFE Blog is that every CPA candidate has easy access to good information, resources and community support to successfully complete CPA Canada’s Common Final Examination (CFE). The vision is to provide access to unfiltered, real advice from actual CPA candidates in Canada.


The mission of CFE Blog is to be an independent source that provides educational information, resources and allows CPA candidates to plug into a like-minded community for advice and assistance. Our mission is to help you successfully complete the Common Final Examination (CFE) no matter where you are from or where you work.

Educational Advice

All study tips and suggestions and information is provided as guidance for educational purposes and should not be relied on exclusively but as part of a complete study plan that works for you. 

No advice is provided by the authors. The authors are not responsible for information contributed by third party visitors of the site.

Important Disclosures


CFE Blog is privately owned and operated and not associated or affiliated with the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canadian (CPA Canada) or any provincial Institutes/Ordere.

Business Relationships

To help offset the cost of running the blog, from time to time, CFE Blog may work with CPA programs or other businesses or individuals with a commercial interest.

CFE Blog will endeavor to clearly disclose these relationships which may include affiliate links, sponsored guest blog posts or banner advertisements.

Despite the above noted relationships, CFE Blog is independent and unbiased with priority always being to be faithful to its vision and mission.


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