Advice for CPA PEP Core 2 Module and Elective Module Writers Who Were Unsuccessful Today

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It’s important not to underestimate the challenge of the CPA Professional Education Program exams.  It’s not just about knowing the right technical answers, but also about knowing the rules of the “game”. While the rules are the same for all writers, there is a multitude of differences in written, strategic and technical approaches to the Core and Elective exams. Passing these exams requires a dedicated amount of time spent on each of the objective format questions, while prioritizing the written cases.

Each writer has unique weaknesses. It’s more than likely however, that writers overestimate the importance of technical material and underestimate strategic or written weaknesses, which provide the breadth and depth necessary to pass the CPA PEP Module exams.

How can I identify my unique weaknesses?

PrepFormula (formally known as CAFormula) is a team of 30 professional CPA markers who you’ll work with on a one-on-one basis the entire time up until the next attempt of the Module exam you are taking (that’s 3-4 months worth of individual attention).

Each student is provided with a customized schedule based on your weaknesses and access to technical videos in all 6-competency areas across all topics covered on the CPA PEP Module Core or Elective Exams.

Your uniquely assigned CPA Marker (who they call Prep Trainer) is available to answer short questions free of charge to students by phone, text, live-chat or e-mail all the way until the exam for those late night cram sessions.

PrepFormula feels this method prepares you much better than anyone in the industry.

What happens if I am already enrolled in the CPA Modules from CPA Ontario or CPAWSB? How is this different?

Short Answer: They provide a different product targeting the exam, not competing with CPA PEP Modules.

Long Answer: CPA PEP Modules  provide an online classroom/group based program lasting 6-8 weeks and overwhelms writers with a wealth of technical materials, immersive and practice cases. PrepFormula focuses entirely on mimicking the Core and Elective exams by producing summarized content that’s designed to help you pass the exam (indirectly making you a better accountant).

PrepFormula also provides the missing part of the CPA PEP Modules or other prep programs. Compared to cramming all the technical studying into 6-8 weeks, PrepFormula provides on-going individual technical and/or written weaknesses identification; along with technical videos; and case-marking to get you ready. It’s also the only program in Canada to pair you with a CPA with professional marking experience on a one-to-one basis.

PrepFormula offers you comprehensive support where you need it most and works around all Module Program schedules. We encourage candidates, even if you are already enrolled in a program, to register with PrepFormula to ensure you receive the support that you need and pass the 2015-2016 CPA Modules.

Also, if you are already enrolled in another prep program, show them your invoice, and they will provide you with an additional discount on your PrepFormula course fees. Contact them at, or at 1-888-987-0858 for more information.

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