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Your UFE Questions Answered ebook release

I’ve been working behind the scenes on putting this together for a while and today I’m happy to announce the release of the UFE Blog ebook titled Your UFE Questions Answered. I’ve put together this resource from my experiences mentoring CA candidates over the years as well as the interactions I’ve had through this blog.

The book consists of answers to 50 of the most common questions about the UFE in a casual, easy to read format. It’s a PDF ebook so throw it up on any computer or device and go. This is a fantastic way to get up to speed quickly for the 2014 UFE.

Your UFE Questions Answered

I’ve put hundreds of hours into UFE Blog from the beginning and all the content and study guides here remain free, and always will. As this ebook took considerable effort to put together, I’m considering it a premium product and it will be sold on UFE Blog. I’ve made it deliberately very affordable at half the price of similar books because I want the average candidate to be able to read it. For the early birds, the first 100 copies will be selling at a further discount.

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