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Where to find practice CFE cases

With the May CFE rapidly approaching, you’ll be starting your CFE study period soon. The best (and in this blog’s opinion, only) way to study in the 4-6 weeks ahead of the CFE is by doing plenty of practice CFE cases. Since the CFE doesn’t have a large archive of past cases yet, you should use a combination of past CFE and past UFE (CFE’s predecessor) cases during your study period.

You can find some of the most recent CFE and UFE cases to practice on below.

CPA Canada Offers a number of examples to sift through – CPA Canada offers some practice cases as examples. This is a great place to start.


The remainder of your past UFE or CFE cases will be part of the annual exam report and you will have to pull them out individually. Download them and then print them ahead of your study period. Thanks to the CPA Canada and the CPA Western School of Business for the reports provided below.

This should be more than enough and unfortunately for some strange reason, the reports prior to 2010 you can only get by purchasing (for $40) from the CPA store. I believe some provincial bodies may offer this as part of their student area (you must login) so have a look in yours first before any purchases.

There are, of course, plenty of additional cases that you can purchase from various providers but in my view, there is more than enough to go around in the above package. You certainly won’t need to purchase anything more if you don’t want to.


Which cases are you planning to practice on for the next CFE? Let’s discuss in the comments.

What mock CKE marks to expect

As many of you will already know, the ICAO does not release information about what the passing score is for the CKE so you have no way to judge yourself. My opinion is based on an estimate of how many people pass the CKE and what I’ve seen in student performance the past few years.

By the time the CKE rolls around, in late December, you’re performance, on average, will be in the 40-60% category. This may seem low but it’s what I consistently see on the Densmore, Dunlop and PASS exams. The Norgrove are a different story and I don’t include this because they are at a higher level of difficulty.

I’ve known people scoring in the 50-60% category achieve 1st decile so I’m confident if you’re in the 60%+ area you’re in very good shape to achieve 1st decile.

If you haven’t already, check out the previous post on how to study for the CKE.

Keep working hard!

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