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SOA #2 Results Out

The final UFE cohort to go through is now complete. Congrats the the many candidates who successfully completed the second sitting of the School of Accountancy Exam and received their results. Find your results here. The unique June UFE will be the final sitting offered. It’s still a bit too early to go too hard for the UFE so enjoy the holidays and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get to work (at work) and hit the books in the new year so come well rested.

Congratulations again!

SOA Redux and Upcoming UFE Results

UFE Results Coming Up

It’s been long enough. The long wait is almost over and the UFE results are being released November 28th (Usually Nov 27th in Quebec). If you’re one of the many candidates out there that managed to forget about the UFE since September, it’s probably popping back into your head more and more often lately which is normal. Certainly there are a great number of you, judging by the comments, that started thinking about it more last week. Forget about all the rumours which are there every year, you’re almost through so hang in there.

November SOA

The unique November SOA is coming up November 26 and 27th for those who didn’t manage to get through last summer. This will be the opportunity to get through to the final UFE in June. The SOA Suggested Reading post is probably the best place to look for last minute tips but in the end, hopefully you’ve had enough time since the summer to workout any technical problems and it’s a stress management exercise now – so find ways to manage that stress, get help if you need to. Good luck and don’t let the repeat writer thing hurt you, in the end you end up with the same letters after you pass all this.

SOA 2014 Results!

Congratulations to the very many successful SOA 2014 writers who received good news today! Phew, it feels good to be on to the last hurdle. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good weekend coming to you! More coming later today about next steps. For now – congratulations and get celebrating!

View the Results at the link below!


To those who received the dreaded bad news today – it sucks. We all know it sucks and you should take the weekend to mope, complain and come to grips with it. Dust yourself off quickly because you’ve got a unique opportunity – no time before do you have another chance so soon. There is an SOA makeup session prior to the final UFE in November and you have a real shot at getting through it and only a few months behind your colleagues.

SOA Results Tomorrow

That sure went by fast… At least for those who aren’t waiting for results.

Tomorrow is SOA results day and the end of the painful wait that most of you are enduring. Almost there.

For those getting worries again and need something to do today, here’s an activity I suggest: go through previous years’ SOA results, in particular the breakdown of what percentage of people scored at which level on the final. You’ll see it’s still quite common to score NA and NC on the final. This will hopefully ease your worries about those few things that you know you missed. You can also go through the past comments and you’ll see plenty of people missing various things – perfectly normal. If that doesn’t work, well, at least we’re less than a day away now.

Reminder, SOA results are released at 10AM at the link below.


SOA done, now take a break

Congratulations to all those in Ontario completing the SOA final exam today. It’s been a tough slog for many and most of you are no doubt tired or worn out from the experience. The good news is that between now and SOA results day I would strongly suggest you take a break from anything SOA/UFE related. This is what many people do and it’s perfectly fine and advised so enjoy the upcoming long weekend and enjoy the next few weeks SOA/UFE-free.

There is more than enough time between SOA results and the UFE in September to get all the practice and training you need.

While you’re welcome to talk about the exam in the comments I suggest you forget about it until results day for now. You can’t change your response now and you don’t know how it’s being marked so it’ll only add stress in your life.

Congratulations again – you’ve now joined the generations before you who have made it through the unique SOA experience.

One down, one to go

Congrats to everyone getting through the first day of SOA exams today. Hopefully you are finding some way to relax and get a great sleep tonight rather than hanging out on this blog but in case you’re not… Remember tomorrow is a completely new day and whether you did great today or bombed it, tomorrow will make a difference to your end result.

Therefore: forget about today now and go full-effort again tomorrow. As tends to happen every year, a lot of people have an exagerated view of their performance (usually to the downside) so don’t let that impact your level of effort tomorrow.

Good luck and best wishes!

Welcome to SOA and Suggested Reading

Hey there – welcome to the start of the 2014 School of Accountancy!

Excited for more? I’ve put together a reading list below which you can add to your readings in the next few weeks during SOA. Have a look through them all or choose your own adventure!

And as always, the comments are open to chat and ask questions.

Some SOA Tips

To those attending SOA in the near future, here is a few tips to make your stay more pleasant:

1. Bring something soft to sleep on like a (or a few) foam pads. The beds in the residence are very unpleasant and pretty much like sleeping on a wooden board. Unless that’s your thing I suggest you soften it up for yourself. It will help you sleep when you need it most.

2. Another something useful you could bring is a printer or print all the material in advance, including the mock exams. It may seem obvious, but you’ll need to print all the practice simulations and solutions. I always liked having a paper copy of the response I’m marking as well but some people can do this well on the computer.

3. As you may know, you’re not supposed to use the stoves in the residence so my experience during SOA was that anyone with a microwave was very popular.

Anyone else out there have suggestions for this year’s cohort?

Stick to the game plan!

Today is a guest blog post from Gus Patel who successfully completed the 2013 UFE

I hope everyone took the time to relax and enjoy the long weekend.  Many of you will be starting some sort of “pre-SOA preparation”, be it an internal prep program, or your own study plan before June.  I wanted to take the time to quickly address a very important point very early on in this process for new candidates: do not get overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge available to you during the school and within your programs.

When I wrote the SOA in 2012, I decided to be proactive and print out all my internal prep program materials, all the materials on the Boot Camp on the CPA website, along with all my Densmore study guides.  What I was left with after several hours of printing was easily over 3,000 pages of information, prior cases, strategy notes, etc. which sat firmly atop my desk at home.  Staring at this massive pile,  a large overwhelming feeling looming over me – how was I supposed to get through all this information in just a few months?

The reality is – you can’t possibly learn all there is to know about accounting in just a few short months.  The commitment you’ve taken on to learn this information will last more than just your time studying to pass the SOA and UFE.  To be a CPA/CA is establishing an ongoing commitment to professional development.

While I am not discounting the value of going through all this information – do not to get too stressed out and overwhelmed by the volume  available to you during your studies.  The most important and critical thing you can do is learn to write cases which means write cases and debrief them well.

You may be tempted to dedicate a large portion of time to just studying and memorizing technical, just like you did for exams in school, but this exam is very different, and the only way to learn how to score in these cases, is to practice cases.  The technical knowledge you need, you will learn directly from debriefing the cases.  In fact, you might be surprised as you go through the cases, how much (or little) “technical knowledge” you might need for competent on a given indicator.

What are you doing to prepare for the 2014 School of Accountancy?

CKE, May edition and SOA around the corner

It has been entirely too long since I sat and updated things around here. Sorry about that – it’s been one heck of a busy few months for me. The good news is that I think most of the best content is already here so nothing is stopping you from having a look around and using it! Now back to business…

CKE, May edition

The CKE is right around the corner. For some this will be a nervous second (or third+) attempt and for others this will be their first go at it. Hopefully you’ve taken the advice offered here many times – study similar to what worked for you in University. With the CKE only a little more than a week away, I’d also suggest you stick pretty much to writing practice exams at this point, of which there are many available. Best of luck in this remaining week!

Assuming positive results after the May sitting, you needn’t worry about somehow being behind January writers. In fact, your technical will be fresher so you’re in a great position.

SOA around the corner

For the rest of the folks, you’ve no doubt been getting introduced to cases through your prep courses or on your own recently. We’ve talked about some loose schedules in the past and while it’s good to be getting more and more proficient with cases, you’ll really start picking it up during SOA in June (for Ontario). I know a lot of other provinces introduce/practice cases a lot more throughout their two year programs so it’s a little different.

Just a reminder, SOA can be tough for a lot of people. They will be long days and it’s easy to get burned out so the key in May for you is to enter June with your A-game. Don’t overdo it in May in anticipation of SOA. If you think about it, you’re writing 20+ cases in June, which will get you quite a bit of experience very quickly. The only cases that count though are the four taking place June 24-25 so always keep that in mind and plan accordingly.

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