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The Handbook can be useful

I was a huge fan of using the Handbook during my case writing. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not that big on memorizing long criteria or rules so instead I learned how the Handbook worked and just went in there every time I needed specific criteria.

This was in a time when we could use FolioViews in the UFE. That’s changed and now it’s some sort of PDF viewer which I understand may not be as search friendly. You may have to therefore rely a little more on knowing the Handbook sections.

On the bright side, I believe you’re able to Copy-Paste now directly from the handbook. That was not something I could do and boy would it have been a time saver. We had to go back and forth between the two at the risk of crashing your computer at any moment.

All this to say, I find myself a little surprised when people tell me they don’t use the Handbook at all. If you’ve got all the rules and criteria memorized, then kudos to you but if you don’t, give it a shot, you might be surprised how useful you find it.

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